They believe that the ultimate goal of side business is to create their own self-media accounts to form a closed business loop.

This just falls into the biggest trap of side hustle exploration. First of all, although more users choose to engage in self-media side jobs, engaging in self-media side jobs does not mean all side jobs. According to the latest 23-year data survey by Houlang Research Institute, the most popular and failed side hustles are as follows: Note: Data comes from Houlang Research Institute’s “2023 Young People’s Side Job Report” Secondly, the correct approach is – don’t always think about starting an account in the early stage.

The probability that an amateur can make it from 0 to 1 is very low.

No matter what type of side job you are engaged in. If possible. it is recommended to first cooperate with the industry’s leading platform and slowly TG Number List accumulate your reputation. Through platform traffic promotion and account user accumulation, use a new way of thinking to create your own media influence. More traps: legal, financial, time, etc. There are posts on the Internet suggesting that you start a side project every day, and some of them do not even consider. The legality and rationality of the side project. Therefore, in the process of exploring side hustle. There will also be many legal, financial, capital, time and other pitfalls, and everyone must be vigilant to avoid them! 3. Side business suggestions When it comes to side hustle exploration.

I think there are four pieces of advice that are particularly important.

Find the right direction The logic of side business exploration is the same as that of business exploration. You must first determine the goal USA Data and direction of execution, which determines whether you are doing something right or not. If you hold the wrong side hustle map. No matter how hard you work, you will never reach the other side of success. 2. Determine the business model of the side business The side business cannot continue to advance. The key is that the business model of the side business does not work. If the business model is not established, the side business cannot be monetized. So when starting a side business, you need to think about the monetization model of your side business? Monetize through traffic or monetize through products? Different methods of monetization have completely different subsequent execution plans. 


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