We will check the overall flow including checking

He operations and providing guidance to the participants, just like we did in the rehearsal. At this time, you can also do small things such as turning off notifications and closing unnecessary apps and tabs. Also, be sure to reconfirm roles and have a common understanding with everyone involved regarding the flow of emergency response. All that remains is to get to the actual stage and move forward. 7. After the seminar Take a survey immediately after the seminar ends. Don’t just give feedback; ask your customers about their issues and their intentions to purchase your product or service. It is also necessary to think of ways to increase the response rate of surveys. For example, we provide motivation to survey respondents by providing them with seminar materials and videos. We will share the survey contents and results with the sales team and work together to closely follow up.

Also take measures such as sharing

The recordings with those who are absent. There are Phone Number List various ways to use recorded videos, such as making them available for limited viewing on Youtube or turning them into downloadable content. Also, post the answers to questions that were not answered during the seminar later or send them via email. summary Due in part to the impact of the new coronavirus, the number of sales emails and invitations to online events sent by companies has increased compared to before. As a result, I think there are quite a few users who are tired of email and webinars. Depending on your industry, you may not have to worry about your competitors as much because your industry is not yet digitally compatible. However, the important thing is to provide useful information to users. 

If you are interested in the procedure for holding

Zoom webinar and attracting customers, please refer USA Data to the following articles. ” Detailed explanation of how to hold a Zoom webinar and how to use it ” “ Attracting customers through webinars: Introducing ways to attract customers from free announcements to paid advertisements ” For those who want to strengthen their online sales and marketing At Business Fighters, we believe that we should be a marketing company. Therefore, we are practicing digital marketing and online sales at our company, and are achieving results. For example, SEO measures to be displayed at the top of search results. For the keywords you are focusing on, you will appear higher than the big names that everyone knows. Additionally, our sales promotions using webinars have received high praise from customers.


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